Sunday, August 27, 2006

Words That Begin With "CON"

Words That Begin With "CON"
  *by Scoppertop

Dedicated to the memory of Ken Lay. Skillayed in peace.

A bit conspicuous in the disavowals, GOPwarts now has more gates than a slaughterhouse. We’ve got “Revenge of the Quotes” on the converse side. Sooner or later, somebody confesses.

RFK, Jr., is filing two Federal qui tam “whistleblower-aided” lawsuits with evidence from the stolen 2004 election, and after reading his Rolling Stone piece, I concur. We should be demanding paper ballots in all elections until further notice.

Somebody else is confessing -- without a Grand Jury -- and with a conscience! Colin Powell’s ex-#1 man, Lawrence Wilkerson, contends he was part of an umpteen-word hoax on America, claiming "How do you think that makes me feel?" I'll say "contemptible" is the word Lawrence was searching for. You?

No Blood or Food for Oil, ad extremum. No BOFFO, for short. After the 70's “Gas-War," I’d think cars could be getting 1000 mpg by now. Note how Gas-War and our stealy Prez have the same initials. Sort of like Ann Coulter and Anti-Christ.

A peek at oil research would show you it isn’t fossil fuel we’re burning, but some goop concocted inside our planet. (Goop is GOP, for short--and don't forget to change your synthetic oil every 3,000 miles!) Could it be that oil and natural gas just might have a conceivable purpose for being underground? Like keeping the lava down?

I don’t know about Earth, but it sure gives me an earthquake just thinking about how big-oil conglomerates could have given one million dollars to every (legal) man, woman, and child in America with 2005’s profit, and still paid “Mr. Exxon” a $400 million bonus.

Maybe my math is unconvincing. Or wrong. Skillayed to death, even. We could hope His Fristiness at least considered giving us heart pacemakers with free installation (a $10,000 value?), rather than his $100 insult.

The most highly religious societies are #1 in violent conflict, proven in the UN’s Human Development Report 2005, who concede by honoring atheistic nations with the top rankings in human development and all quality of life categories. Odd.

One confusing thing about Abra-kaDubya’s messianic vision: none of his Armageddon-conjuring followers will end up chosen for eternal life by any God I’m aware of.

Imagine the convulsion ‘round the globe of the WACOs (We Are the Chosen Ones -- ask any Religion) when 2012 concludes with only man-made nukes and they’re left behind, condemned with fallout of a “personal” kind. Along with their "condemned." Talk about mad -- they’ll be speaking in tongues, if they still have one. Stay tuned for “How to Speak In Tongues to Ann Coulter.”

For lack of a good place besides concrete to put our heads and hands, 68% of Americans are hung up in stocks about our constitutional freedoms. Instead of throwing garbage (like good citizens threw at Bush’s limo when he took over the White House in 2001), let’s contemplate the document that made them possible. Good-Old-Thomas Jefferson says the People have the Right to alter or abolish a Greedy-Old-Prevaricator-type of government and start over.

Of the 27 crimes-in-chief that Jefferson accuses King George, Abra-kaDubya has committed 26. I had to leave out #11 because he’s the W-A-R president. Was Independence Day 2006 too soon for W-E The People to begin regaining control of our nation? If not, I’ve got a “WE The People” bumper sticker for sale. Cheep-cheep!

Abra-kaDubya and his Death-Beaters are conniving like Wile E. Coyote, ready to push the plunger on their ACME Nuke-O-Matic Model #2, with the fuse snaking around the UN and ending in Iran. Or Las Vegas. Unless, of course, they're conspiring to dump the "New Pearl Harbor Model" on US. Again. (See CONFABULATION) A heads-up -- they’ll be blaming this one on North Korea -- last week’s conclusively failed tests were likely a sneak preview of our next pearl.

Don’t we already know the Death-Beaters won’t get away with their crusty old WMD ploy again? IMO, a mushroom cloud blooming anywhere on the globe is worse than seeing Bush/Cheney’s outlines imbedded at the foot of a cliff. Beep-Beep!
After all, you’d have to be unconscious to still be defending all those lies.

Hey, a million-dollar rebate from Big Oil might convince me to keep my Scoppertrap shut, but I figure I’m doing my part by having the guts to spread the word, while the Death-Beaters have my phone number. Word.


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