Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How's Your Toy?

After seeing Bush’s 60 Minutes interview, it was Senator Webb’s turn to ask, “How’s Your Toy?” during his SOTU democratic rebuttal. But he didn’t.

Bush and his Death-Beaters have tankloads of ways to toy with us, none of which involve risking any personal harm to their bodies. Well, if you don’t count that Cheney’s stomach is tattooed with “I’m Vice President and You’re Not.” Sorry, not really -- it says, “Thou Shalt Kill.” Proof that Cheney’s type of power-crazed mentality can stomach anything.

Like Woody in Toy Story, Bush has spent the last six years trying to get rid of the Buzz Liberals...uhh, Lightyears, in Congress. Now he says he wants to be bi-friendly, all the while covertly taking away their abilities to stop him -- a ploy older than the prehistoric shark found last week.


Bush’s “Surge” is another ancient shell game. Especially since he refuses to tell us his definition of winning in Iraq -- other than protecting “our” interests, of course, and those of the Iraq Oil Ministry.

My question: Since when did corporate interests become United States interests? The following might be an example of why they don’t fit the definition of “our” interests:

Exxon/Mobil has “permission” from its State of Incorporation and the U.S. government to do business in the U.S. and in other countries. Stock in Exxon/Mobil’s corporation can be bought by owners, employees, other U.S. citizens, and citizens of other countries. This statement is true of any corporation doing business and selling public shares in the international stock markets.

Does Exxon/Mobil’s mode of business seem like “U.S. interests” to you? It seems like an Exxon/Mobil interest to me, but it’s only one example.


Next question: What kind of “interests” require killing in order to achieve their goals?

Clearly, these interests are known for only one “thing” throughout history -- they take over manufacturing and distribution of “toys” that the world’s Lego-people cannot live without: Money, health care, electricity, water, gas. Food and shelter.

Embassies and U.S. Military bases in other countries are good examples of our interests -- and without doing any research, I’d have to acknowledge that other countries’ interests are represented by Embassies in the U.S., but not by military bases.

If true, this observation begs the question: Why does the U.S. operate military bases in other countries but we don’t allow other countries to operate military bases in the U.S.?

And THAT observation begs the question: Now that China practically owns us, via Bush’s deficit spending, should we be expecting the Chinese to protect “their” interests and build military bases here in the future?

Will the Chinese military soon be calling door-to-door with our troops?

Will our occupation be just as much fun as shopping for a toy taser at Wal-Mart?


Well, this is one fact: U.S. citizens would not tolerate our own or any other countries’ military presence hanging around to inject their corporate interests into our domestic resources. We saw a preview of injectional popularity -- with Katrina -- and we hated it.

Iraq doesn’t want “our” injection. Neither does Afghanistan. Neither do we. This is why Bush has to subvert our Constitutional rights in secret, and Cheney claims the administration’s plans will “not be popular with the public.”

This administration believes history will prove their worth, or something, and they’ll be immortalized as honorable men. Weird.

Scoppertop hopes history will prove that their power-crazed mentality is a form of mental illness -- maybe it’ll be called “Cheneyphrenia.” Hopefully, history will also think to recommend treating this sadistic disease with a lobotomy.

Last question: Will our new Congress even be able to get rid of Bush and Cheney legally, or will the Cheneyphrenics be allowed to continue treating the world’s people like toys -- correction -- toys with wallets?


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