Friday, November 10, 2006

Visit the Whacks Museum!

We're putting our best butts forward! Grab your paddle and play!

The newest exhibit, Out With the Old SoD, is sure to please:

Donald Rumsfeld: Looks so alive, you'll swear his body is
still attached under the platter!

Inside the Red Room, each whack elicits a comment. Our faves:

George Allen: Macaca. It's what's for dessert.

Ken Blackwell: Special Delivery!

Conrad Burns: I'm breaking up with the landlord's daughter.

Mark Foley: I'm breaking up with the landlord's son.

Bill Frist: That depends upon the interpretation of the
word, "running."

Katherine Harris: Hmguppl-a-el-bel abb ruh-mon-ge-lai-lau.
Tu-ta-lu. (Translation from Tongues to English: "I'm going to
Rehab! Amen.")

Rick Santorum: I'm gonna wash that dog right outta my hair,
I'm gonna wash that dog right outta my hair...

Don Sherwood: F%@k the babysitter!

Comments left from behinds in the Blue Room:

Clint Curtis: Whistleblowing is STILL against the law.

Harold Ford, Jr.: Don't call me, I'll call you.

John Kerry: Just say no to the speechwriter.

Ned Lamont: Hey, guv'nor, can you spare a dime?

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